Easy Auto Detailing Secrets

10 Easy Auto Detailing Secrets You Should Try

Check out these tips and feel free to use them!

1. Until the interior becomes completely dirty …

Many are familiar with the situation when the interior of the car is apparently clean. Paradox: it stays “clean” week after week… And then suddenly and always unexpectedly abruptly becomes “very dirty”…

So it’s best to wipe the interior of the car with napkins once a week so as not to start the interior.

2. Steam cleaning

Easy Auto Detailing Secrets

A handheld steam cleaner, which you can buy for about $40, will greatly improve the quality of cleaning in the cabin. Such a device will help to properly care for fabric seats and rugs. The result will be no worse than the services of professionals.

Remember: Treat the seats and floor mats only after you’ve completed the rest of the car’s interior cleaning.

3. Plastic bag trick

After washing the bodywork and before waxing the surface, put a plastic bag on your hand and run it over the outside of the car. So you check if there is any dirt and bumps left after washing. At the same time, you will not leave fingerprints on the coating, which are so annoying to many!

4. Clear ventilation

Easy Auto Detailing Secrets

Periodically remove dust and dirt from the ventilation openings. Use a can of compressed air (like you use on a computer keyboard) to blow out the holes thoroughly. As soon as the debris is removed, you will immediately feel how the cabin smells better.

5. We must not forget about the tires!

Buy a tool and a brush for cleaning wheels and tires. You will have to work hard, but we assure you that with clean wheels you will be the king of the roads!

6. Pre-rinse

Easy Auto Detailing Secrets

Pouring soapy water on the body at the very beginning of the wash is a big mistake. So you risk damaging the paintwork of the body with solid particles of debris, dust and road grime.

7. Skip the sponge

It’s time to use the microfiber mitt to wash your car.

Sponges hold sand and other debris in their porous structure. This is one of the reasons for the appearance of multiple micro-scratches on the paint.

A microfiber mitt that costs less than $10 can prevent this problem.

8. Not one, but two buckets of water

Easy Auto Detailing Secrets

One bucket for clean water and soap, and the other for rinsing.

Dip a microfiber mitt into the rinse bucket after each wipe down to remove dirt and grime. And only after that, dip the mitten in clean soapy water to start washing again.

9. Time to polish

The dual action polisher can give your car a great look. True, provided that you are really ready to make an effort and make such a device your investment.

10. Clean the carpet

Easy Auto Detailing Secrets

Yes, cleaning the carpet by itself helps, but if you use a hard brush. So much more garbage is removed – verified! So buy one good carpet brush.

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