remove scratches from the car quickly and for small money

How to remove scratches from the car quickly and for small money

With products available for as little as 10 euros, consumers have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to removing scratches from their cars. From markers to cloths to polishing kits, the variety of products can make it difficult to determine which is the best choice.

It is nearly impossible to keep a car’s paint intact and free from scratches or scrapes, no matter how cautious you are. Eventually, an unattractive scratch will mar the bodywork.

If your car is covered by comprehensive insurance, the cost of repairing the scratch will be covered. However, making a claim will likely result in a penalty or an increase in your policy rate.

Remove car scratches

Remove car scratches
The depth of the scratch is only one of the determining factors in removing the scratch.

It is important to assess the likelihood of success before attempting to fix a scratch using personal skills, as not all scratches can be repaired or the results may not be worth the effort.

The success of repairing a scratch on a car depends on several factors such as the time elapsed since the scratch occurred, its size and depth. It is important to consider these factors before attempting to fix it because a scratch that has been present for a long time may have accumulated rust and dirt, which could make it difficult to repair and yield a poor result despite the effort.

Similarly to the human skin, cars have multiple layers of paint, usually consisting of a primer that prevents corrosion and rust, a color layer, and a varnish or lacquer. Therefore, fixing a scratch is comparable to treating a wound: the deeper the scratch, the more challenging it is to conceal it.

Various products are available in stores that claim to make scratches on the car’s bodywork disappear. However, their effectiveness depends on the type of scratch, and in some cases, it may be necessary to go to a workshop to get the best result.

Regardless of the solution used, it is essential to thoroughly clean and dry the area to be repaired before applying any product.


Polishing kit
Amazon polishing kit at 17.99 euros. Includes polisher to remove scratches

The most commonly utilized product for removing scratches is polishing, and it produces satisfactory results as long as the scratch is not excessively deep. The finish is particularly improved in light shades. Various polishing methods are available, depending on the desired outcome.

The ‘remove scratches’ pastes are the most commonly used product for removing scratches and they can provide acceptable results, particularly for light shades. They are inexpensive and very simple to apply using a microfiber cloth or a sponge. For a more refined finish, a polishing kit may be recommended as it contains the necessary materials, such as the polishing product, sandpaper, and sponge, to remove scratches and polish the surface.

There are various options available on Amazon, including a touch-up paint kit priced at 25.39 euros, which is described as “professional grade, yet simple enough for anyone to use.”

Scratch pen

Scratch pen
Marker available on Amazon at 9.99 euros

While it’s a convenient solution for fixing minor scratches, it’s important to manage expectations as the results may not be outstanding. It’s crucial to select a marker with the exact color of the vehicle, and this can be more challenging for colors other than black or white.

Advantages of this repair pen include its simplicity of use and low price point. It is currently the top-selling option on Amazon and costs less than 10 euros.

Scratch repair cloth

Scratch repair cloth
Repair cloth at 11.88 euros

This product is a cloth or mitt that contains a polish solution which is directly applied onto the clean body. Although it can cover up minor scratches, it does not fix them, and its effect may not be very noticeable if the scratches are deep.

On Amazon there are countless options. The best seller: this surface repairer for 11.88 euros.

Spray paint

Finding the exact paint color for a car can be difficult due to the wide variety of body colors available. To avoid disappointment, it is best to obtain the car’s color code and order the paint from a manufacturer using that code. The code is typically a combination of letters and numbers, or just letters or numbers, and can be found under the hood or in the trunk, often in the spare wheel well.

To use the spray, it’s important to first protect the surrounding area of the scratch with masking tape. After that, carefully spray the paint at the distance recommended by the manufacturer until the scratch is fully covered.

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