Professional IPC injection and extraction vacuum cleaner

Upholstery and carpet cleaning with injection and extraction vacuum cleaners

Cleaning upholstery or carpets is usually a delicate task and we recommend always leaving it in the hands of professionals. Not using the right product and method on textile fibers depending on their nature or type of dirt can cause us to even permanently damage the surface. or colour.

Today we can find hundreds of dry cleaning products, foams and endless techniques and home methods on the internet, but in most cases it is necessary to clean with a wet system to clean and disinfect properly, we insist depending on the type of material.

We can find 2 processes to carry out wet cleaning professionally, a manual process indicated especially for synthetic upholstery or fabrics protected with anti-absorbent treatments and a mechanical process, in which we are going to delve a little deeper in this post, which has results. deep hygiene and disinfected and is indicated for upholstery and carpets with absorbent textile fibers.

To carry out this mechanical process of wet cleaning for upholstery and carpets, it is necessary to use professional machinery, in this case injection and extraction vacuum cleaners, capable of introducing or injecting cleaning and extra-disinfecting products into the fabrics or absorbing the same time dirt and dry the surface. Although it may seem like a process similar to using soapy water and a cloth, the result in the case of cleaning with injection and extraction equipment is much deeper and visible almost immediately.

How do injection and extraction aspirators work?

The operation of these machines, despite being for professional use, is quite intuitive.

They can be used as vacuum cleaners for solids or liquids, they normally have a polyester filter, a clean water tank in which the detergent or chemical product that is necessary for cleaning and another dirty water tank are also deposited.

When the clean water tank is filled and mixed with the right product, we have a small suction hose connected to a pump that will absorb the mixture, to be injected through the hose on the surface of the upholstery or carpet, At the same time, dirt and injected liquid are absorbed and dragged away, this also does a drying job, although the reality is that it will always be necessary to dry after washing or let it dry naturally.