Spray booths for cars

Spray booths for cars

Car repair and restoration is a popular car service. To carry out work on the restoration of the paint and varnish coating of the car, professional equipment is required. The spray booth creates optimal conditions for returning the exterior of the car to perfect condition.

Design features

Spray booth is a set of specialized equipment that is designed to safely carry out painting work at a high quality level. The design includes effective ventilation, which removes and neutralizes volatile substances.

Spray booth is an efficient equipment that saves resources. It creates ideal conditions for painting car body parts due to:

  • effective purification of incoming and outgoing air;
  • absence of stagnant zones;
  • optimal temperature conditions;
  • lack of glare.

The design uses air duct valves that prevent the penetration of dirt and dust from the external environment. Spray booths comply with the requirements of environmental standards, as air is removed outside that does not contain hazardous chemical compounds.

Saving energy resources is achieved due to the tightness of the spray booths. In the drying mode, the temperature is maintained at the required level, which speeds up the drying process of paintwork materials.

Types of spray booths

Spray booths differ in size, functionality, ventilation system. They are classified into the following types.

Passage and dead ends. In the first case, the supply and unloading are carried out in different ways, in the second – along the same path. Walk-through spray booths are more productive equipment compared to dead-end models.

With high pressure and vacuum.

Two- and single-engine. Single-motor chambers are equipped with ventilation valves that are installed in the floor. Powerful air currents created by the fan move the paint mist from top to bottom. Contaminated air passes through exhaust units located in the floor, where it is cleaned and released into the surrounding atmosphere. In twin-engine spray booths, fans are installed on both sides. They direct air flows to the filtration system, which allows for good circulation of the purified air masses.

Spray booths for cars

Conditions for high-quality car painting

The process of applying and drying a multi-layer paint coating of car body parts requires the creation of certain conditions. Only professional spray booths can solve this problem:

A special environment is created for the high-quality performance of painting and drying operations. It does not contain pollution and dust, which provides the conditions for obtaining a smooth and even layer of coatings that does not have defects.

Optimum temperature conditions and humidity levels are maintained, which are necessary for sufficient tension of the paint film and to eliminate the appearance of haze.

Heating the air in the chamber and body parts shorten the drying time, which has a positive effect on productivity.

Safety is a must for any spray booth. To comply with this condition, structural parts are made of non-combustible materials: sheet steel for the walls and cement screed for the floor. All elements of the chamber have additional insulation, and the floor, walls and doors have increased fire resistance.

Good lighting simplifies the work of the master and prevents the appearance of highlights and shadows. The ventilation system is responsible for cleaning the air, which is equipped with effective filter elements.

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