Industrial washing machines: purpose and types

The machine industry currently needs to keep parts clean at all stages of production. We are talking about cleaning them from chips and dirt, corrosion and cooling products. Special attention should be paid to products after warehouse storage before assembling precision instruments and mechanisms used in the automotive and aviation industries.

Within the framework of enterprises, an industrial metal wash is used for this operation. With the help of such equipment, labor productivity and business efficiency are significantly increased. The products are offered by the Motor Technologies company.

Industrial type washes differ significantly from their counterparts, which are used in the flow repair of vehicles. The priority is to automate and reduce the human factor during operations. Most of the installations are multi-stage, working in several cycles – degreasing and rinsing, passivation, phosphating and drying.

The most widespread machines are front-loading machines. They are used to clean large and weighty parts. Allows you to cope with the most bulky and heavy machines thanks to the increased volume of the chamber. The operator only needs to load the parts to be cleaned onto the platform, then place them in the washing chamber and decide on the cleaning program.

Types of washing machines

Depending on the specifics of production activities, equipment for washing parts is divided into the following types:

Submersible or universal machines. Such equipment is used for processing small parts. With their help, rather large batches of products are washed out. In addition to immersion in the solution, jet and ultrasonic washing, rinsing and drying are provided. Several models of such installations are produced. They differ in carrying capacity and volume;

Industrial. They are used to carry out interoperational processing of parts, including large units;

Checkpoints. Productive machines used for mass and serial production. Usually built into existing production lines;

Manual. Often used in small car services and technical stations.
These are not all types of washing machines that our company produces.

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