Industrial ultrasonic washing machines

This is a class of ultrasonic washers with increased volume and performance, just like laboratory ultrasonic baths, these washers are an alternative to heavy jet washing chambers with a pull-out platform.

In the process of repair and operation of various components and assemblies, it may be necessary to clean them from contamination. Due to the size and geometry of the part, it may not be possible to perform this cleaning mechanically, in which case ultrasonic cleaning may be much more effective. This type of parts cleaning largely duplicates the capabilities of the heavy class jet chambers with a retractable platform, but differs in front of it with better performance characteristics.

Advantages of washing with ultrasound:

  • high quality cleaning from any type of contamination;
  • removing dirt, such a sink does not violate the design of the part;
  • high washing speed;
  • contamination is equally well removed both in open areas of the part and in hard-to-reach places.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are used in various fields:

  • production of large mechanical engineering parts;
  • repair and maintenance of internal combustion engines;
  • cleaning of glass products;
  • repair of high-tech parts;
  • pharmacy;
  • other.

Ultrasonic cleaning not only parts and assemblies. In Ultrasonic T-shirts, this is how the instrument is cleaned, especially for you in high-tech industries, where increased accuracy requirements are imposed on the instrument.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning is carried out in ultrasonic baths of increased power and volume, in which the ultrasonic wave is generated by powerful emitters. To facilitate the loading of heavy parts into the bath, their baskets are equipped with reinforced hinges.

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